Are you ready to Dump the Junk and give your entire system a REBOOT? 

    I've got you covered!

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  • Lose your muffin top?
  • Shed those extra 5-10 pounds?
  • Improve the quality of your sleep?
  • Break free of your cravings once and for all?
  • Say bye-bye to bloating, gas and constipation?
  • Get off that crazy mood roller coaster?


  • Get inspired with new recipes
  • Give your immune system a super boost
  • Finally have laser focus and clarity
  • Watch your skin glow
  • Find out what YOUR body really needs to thrive
  • Feel empowered, happy, healthy, balanced and ALIVE!!!!

Really, In Just 14 Days?  YES!  

I'm so confident that you will feel all of these wonderful benefits in even 14 short days.  This cleanse is a perfect jumpstart to a healthy & VIBRANT life!!!  It's really all about having GOOD-CLEAN-FUN! We'll focus on ADDING healthy nutrient dense foods into our diet while removing any inflammatory foods that weigh us down and leave us feeling stuck and tired.

This cleanse is NOT about deprivation, calorie counting, magic potions or pills.
We're going to eat with gusto and THRIVE!!


Here's what one "cleanser" had to say:
I can't recommend Shari's cleanse highly enough.  Instead of severe, restricted food choices, she teaches how to eat well in a sustainable and - YES! - FUN WAY!  Within three days, my energy level was vastly improved, and I was sleeping better that i had in years . My husband and I enjoyed coming up with creative dinners each night. I'll be integrating much of what I learned from Shari into my daily life.  Thanks, Shari!
~ Elizabeth Budd, Denver, CO


Program Details:  

This program is an online 14-day SEASONAL CLEANSE with a prep week designed to "get you ready" and a post-cleanse week designed to "seal the deal" and establish long term healthy habits. Imagine a program that actually takes YOU into consideration and celebrates your individual needs and preferences.  THIS IS IT!!!

Here's What's Included:

14 Day PaleoCleanse Plus Kits  by Designs for Health (supplement details here) 

  • A 14-day supply  of PaleoCleanse Plus (single serving drink mix packets) *I love love love this product. The shakes blend well and are creamy, delicious and not overly sweet. 
  • A 14-day supply of Amino-D-Tox and Hydrolyzyme
  • Shaker bottle 

CLEANSING Guide Book (pdf) 
Includes what to expect during a cleanse, toxicity questionnaire, program overview, shopping guides, dining out tips, pantry staples, YES & NO food lists, the "skinny on fats",  the "sweet truth about sugars" and so much more. ($67)

Over 100 delicious recipes including superfood smoothies, sensational salads, satisfying soups, yummy dips & sauces, fun snacks and healthy sweet treats - YES - you get desserts too! ($77)

14-Day Meal Plan Guide & Clean Eating Templates
You can choose from five healthy meal plan templates for each of these meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts).  I find that this is a terrific way to stay organized with meal planning and lets you design meals according to your taste preferences and lifestyle. You'll also get a 14-Day Meal Plan with EZ recipes that coordinate with these templates. ($237)

Pre-Cleansing Tips
Tips and tricks to ease you into this cleanse so that you don't have to go cold- turkey! ($27)

Self Discovery-Goals Worksheet + Action Plan Guide
A guide that will help uncover those habits that may be keeping you stuck and give you strategies for staying on track with long-term success. ($87)

Creative Visualization Guide
This tool is my very favorite and will help you manifest your health goals and take it to the next level. PLUS...it's a lot of fun! ($47)

Unlimited Email Support 
I’m here to guide and support you all the way! (priceless)

A transition guide to help you ease back into a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle incorporating what you have experienced during this cleanse.  I'll also share yummy new recipes for post cleansing including my favorite CHOCOLATE!! ($67)
You'll also receive a 20-minute post cleansing strategy session with me via phone. Please call or email me to schedule this! ($75)
The total program is valued at well over $800, but it’s pretty priceless if you feel fantastic, shed your excess weight, kick your sugar cravings, and uncover what’s weighing you down...right??


Getting Started

  • After you register, you'll receive a welcome email, which will include access to ALL of the content above.  This includes the pre-cleansing materials, self discovery-goals worksheet, full program guidebook, cookbook, and meal templates along with your bonus information on how to transition into a healthy lifestyle including new recipes and action steps. 

  • Your products will be shipped directly to you after registration.


 Please contact me if you'd like information regarding group cleanses


Your investment: $237 (includes products)

Kudos ~ Praise ~ Thanks

  • Shari is like fresh sheets line-drying in the Summer Sun!

    ~ Gail benEzra & Marilyn Winokur, Life Coaches, Future Pathways, Inc. Denver, CO
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