• Sounds flippin' fantastic doesn't it?

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Can you imagine experiencing that AHA moment when everything you've
wanted in life finally starts to make sense and feel AMAZING
...your body, your choices, your passions, your joy?



Healthy Happy Hour

What if life was one continuous healthy happy hour? It can be! Read More


This program is an online 14-day Healthy Weight Loss program Read More

Personalized Coaching

We’ll dive into a little self-awareness of how food affects your body, weight, energy, mood, digestion, skin and more. Read More

Speaking & Events

Interested in having Shari speak at your event? Read More

Seasonal Cleanses

Are you ready to Dump the Junk and give your entire system a huge REBOOT Read More

21 Day Sugar Detox

Stop the sugar insanity and reclaim your life! Read More
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Close your eyes and let yourself step into this... 


You wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day with unstoppable energy

You make deliciously healthy food choices and they really stick

When you look in the mirror you think...WOW, I look good!

You effortlessly whip up a healthy dinner in just a few minutes

You experience more fun and joy in your life than you ever thought possible

You’ve discovered the perfect stress busting tools to implement when times get tough

Imagine getting turned on to life!  YES!! Whatever your age, knowing that you have  the energy, clarity,
and desires to live your life with gusto, because you are taking care of YOU! 


Sounds flippin' Fantastic Doesn't it ?


I work with health conscious women, like you, who are ready to put yourself first and finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Let me guess, you practice a little bit of self-care, have a semi-active lifestyle, and are sometimes mindful of eating nutritious food, BUT you often get confused about what’s really healthy, and your life tends to get off track.  You need someone who can guide, support, teach and inspire you to make the necessary changes in order for you to have the body and life that you love.  That someone is me! I’m more than a coach – think of me as your happy and wise friend who will help you create a delicious life that feeds your body and soul.  




Kudos ~ Praise ~ Thanks

  • Shari is like fresh sheets line-drying in the Summer Sun!

    ~ Gail benEzra & Marilyn Winokur, Life Coaches, Future Pathways, Inc. Denver, CO
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